People of Mesa Naz: Ted Bailey


Question 1: Tell us about your family, who are they and where are you guys from?

I''m from a small town in northern Michigan called DeTour Village. My great-grandfather, George Warren Bailey was among the first settlers on Drummond Island, where my grandfather Frank I Bailey and father Blaine D. Bailey were born and raised. My father married a Swede from neighboring Cedarville, Michigan and they settled in DeTour shortly after my birth in October, 1952. I have 6 living siblings and 2 deceased. I am currently the oldest and following the passing of my father became guardian of my youngest sister, Amanda in 2013.

Question 2: How did you start coming to Mesa Naz? How long have you been attending?

I struggled with my faith for many years before accepting the Lord as my savior in 2012. I began attending Mesa Naz at that time as my wife, Ruthie, was already a member. She and a sister, Robin, have influenced my acceptance of the Lord, and put up with my resistance for many years.

Question 3: What’s new with you? What are some of the highlights in your life for the past 6 months?

On June 6, I worked my final day with the City of Mesa and joined the ranks of the retired. We have spent some time on the road and visiting relatives on Drummond Island.

Question 4: Where do you work or go to school and what do you do for fun?

I graduated from Lake Superior State College (now University) in 1979 with a BS in Environmental Science and moved to Arizona to work in the water career field. I did some very unique and rewarding work in my 40 years in this career field and received some honors and helped many water professionals grow and perform better. I have always had a heart for providing good water and service to my community. Since retirement, my wife, Ruthie, and I intend to spend more time camping and fishing.

Question 5: What are you involved with at Mesa Naz? What do you love about our church?

I am involved as an usher, teacher and serving on the Board. I have some very good friends at Mesa Naz, and have always had respect for those who apply their intellect, time, and resources to help our members and the community. I love the genuine, open sharing of our leaders and members.