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Kids Min


who we are

Mesa Naz Kid Min includes children from birth through sixth grade, as well as a team of adult staff and volunteers devoted to helping kids learn to know, love and trust in God with a faith that sticks. Some of that happens best through age specific learning. On Sunday morning our Littles' wing, our birth through Kindergarten students learn to love Jesus through music, play, hands-on activities and storytelling. Our grade schoolers have fun going deeper in their learning and relationships during both small group time, or Journey Classes, and big group children's worship in JAM session. Our team also feels very strongly about the benefit of intergenerational interaction and partnering with families. Our kids have the opportunity to learn alongside those further along in life through family worship, family fun nights or family first Sunday lunches out, as well as special events such as Messy Easter and Chaotic Christmas. 

How you can get involved

It's easy for kids and families to jump right in! There are classes going on every Sunday. Simply stop by our check-in desk just inside the entrance to the worship center and we can help you get registered and find your group. There are many different activities such as Vacation Bible School or camps listed on the calendar. We're also always looking for more adults to join our team. Contact Christy at to find out more about the many positions available and the policies, training, and application process for becoming a volunteer.